3 months of sport programming

Its been 3 months since i started solving programming puzzles online. Its a wonderful experience. Each question solved teaches something new. I chose python as the language since i had worked a lot before in python and wanted to become better in it. Now there seems a lot of improvement. I am quite comfortable with most of the standard datastructures and algorithms. I feel like i should have started it a little earlier. 

ACM ICPC is next week and our team is practicing hard as possible. Getting into finals is the dream.But with our limited exposure to sport programming it seems like a herculian task. Getting a good score in regionals seems possible. Anyways ACM ICPC is also open for MTech students. So if i am taking MS/Mtech, i can participate then too. This is a good start till now.

There are some other competitions coming up next year including google codejam , facebook hackercup and many more. I have participated in most of the APAC competitions this year. One more is remaining. Need to prepare well before that.


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