Goals for next 5 years.

I will list all the goals for next 5 years in my life as a todo list here and tick off the ones that are completed.


  • Learn Car and Bike
  • Hit Gym 
  • Commit to gihub for a month continuosly
  • Lose fat and build 6 pack abs
  • Read top 5 must read books
  • Donate blood
  • Build an android program
  • Start sport programming
  • Learn martial arts
  • Learn Yoga
  • Get decent score in GATE with minimal preparation
  • Participate in ACM ICPC
  • Participate in Fb hackercup 2017
  • Participate in Google codejam 2017
  • Do google summer of code
  • Solve a problem in codeforces
  • Solve a problem in Topcoder
  • Learn machine learning
  • Build a chat bot
  • Start a new venture
  • Pitch a product and get funding.
  • Get self-independent financially.
  • Travel to a European nation
  • Gift something to achan , amma and kannan
  • Buy a luxury car/ bike
  • Buy food for someone who is starving
  • Donate money to a charity/ orphanage

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